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Appraisal of intelligence property

One of the most important definitions of the intelligence property is that the owner can make use of his property as he wishes and no one can use his property without his permission. The objects of the intelligence property are those of the authority rights, “know how”, industry property (innovations, useful models, industry examples, brands and logos).  

In case of deciding the cost of the intelligence property, its scientific-technical, commercial and legal descriptions are analyzed based on marketing and patent researches as well as the purposes, the conditions and results.     
 The cost definition of the intelligence property means the appraisal of its consumer cost which includes not only the outer features, scientific-technical importance, production descriptions, innovations but also such an essential factor included in the appraisal of the intelligence property as the possibility of having additional income is.  
The appraisal of intelligence property is directly linked to the use of the estate right of the intelligence property, to the solving of specific problems as well as related with its usage.
  1. Accounting in balance
  2. In transferring the rights the cost decision of the patent or license
  3. Decision of the part of the income which refers to intelligence property
  4. Founding of a main fund, etc.