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long term experience

Company’s Business Card – Appraisal

The visiting card of the “Artin Enterprise” in Armenia and out of its boundaries is first and foremost the appraisal. In this field the achievements of “Artin” are incomparable. Since 1998 more than 5000 appraisals have been made.
The name of “Artin Enterprise” is among the first companies to be known in the Caucasus as a company engaged in appraisal based on international standards.  The company has been recognized a winner in the international competitions of appraisals. In 2000 it has been honored the best valuer due to the results of the monitoring of the RA real estate market conducted by the USAID.   
“Artin” has had its peculiar contribution in the RA development programs by making the appraisals of the most dynamic developing spheres of the economy. Firstly – participation in three major building programs of Yerevan: North Avenue, Main Avenue construction, per request of the Kafesjian Foundation, the Cascade. Secondly, the appraisal of almost all the potential of the RA mines production.    
Activity spheres: When in2001 the major building project of the North Avenue, further on the Main Road was launched, the company managed to make the most complicated and seemingly impossible appraisals. Due to balanced, professionally accurate, clear and reliable appraisals conducted by “Artin” new and old owners of the argumentative estates (especially of the objects of public significance) could come to a general conclusion with regard to the costs of the estate. After the collapse of the Soviet Union the public lands weren’t legalized, they didn’t have foundations. The accurate methodology of the appraisal allowed solving the problems turn by turn, whereas the professional proposals went up to the government.
Thus, taking the responsibility of being the first in the market, the company could launch the first and the most important phase of the implementation of the construction projects, that of estate appraisal, the preparation of the investment packages, the whole mechanism of compensation, realization, cleaning services, habitation, the preparation of the carcass of the buildings. The latter paved a way for the other projects.   
Today the real estate market is much more active, large-scale constructing works are conducted and other companies are also already engaged in that process. 
Production: Whenin 2000 the mine production went up in Armenia, the inflow of foreign investments began and it was necessary to make accurate appraisals due to international standards. So, the company was engaged in the complicated process of appraising almost whole the potential of the mine production. The appraisal of the field enterprises by 80-90% was made by “Artin” itself (“Armenian Copper Program”, mountain richening factory in Kapan, copper-molybdenum factory in Zangezur, “Baze Metals”, etc.). Due to high-quality appraisal and preparation of the investment packages, in this sphere as well as in separate companies large – scale investment programs were implemented and rapid growth and development were registered.
Not only “Artin” was engaged in the sphere of mine production. In 1998 the company began to cooperate also actively with other companies, especially with those which are connected with foreign markets. Based on international standards and methodology perceived outside of the country, appraisals were considered to be “Artin’s” monopoly during that period. Furthermore, other companies appeared in the market, but its authority in this sphere is dominant.  
A number of large and small companies have applied to “Artin” for appraisals based on international standards, preparation of investment packages and business projects such as RA water industry,   “Armenia” international airports, “Nairit”, Electro-machine in Armenia”, “Viasver Techno-Park”, “ … in Vorotani”, etc.). Through the assistance of “Artin”, numerous health, educational-cultural centers have also put forward development and investment projects.           
As for the regional cooperation, after Moscow the next step was directed to Georgia. At first the appraisal of major trade areas, stock industries was made, furthermore that of the largest energetic system in Georgia – “Energopro Georgia”.
The company, except for the real estate, has also specialized in appraising the equipments, machines, mechanisms, movable estates through the years as well as in the process of large-scale inventory works. Works have been started in those trends of appraisal which are new in Armenia, i.e the appraisal of the objects of the mental property, innovations, production samples, “know how” as well as the estates with ecological problems, historic-cultural buildings.