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Appraisal of equipment

Appraisal of equipment is a multi-various form which includes the cost decision of the whole spectrum of the movable estate objects in practice such as that of machine-tools, equipment, computers, cars, technological complexes, line production, aggregates, techniques, furniture, office devices, household appliances and other objects referring to movable estate.

During the experiment the valuer defines the cost of the similar objects in the market, decides the depreciation and the possibility to receive income from the usage or sale of the appraised object. The final cost is defined based on the complex analyses of the above-stated factors.       

It is necessary to appraise the devices and cars when the object of civil right (object, estate, estate right, etc.) is in the economic circulation and economic activities are conducted with regard to that object. Cars and devices can be objects of different deals and connected with the definition of the object right, its modification and termination, they become an object of appraisal. Besides, the appraisal of cars and devices can be necessary in other circumstances related to the change of object right, for instance in case of reappraisal of the main funds, insurance, mortgage, crediting, liquidation of a business, etc.