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long term experience

Internet – projects

“Artin Enterprise” has worked out several internet-projects dedicated to different branches of the company’s activity.

Besides the main corporative page at: www.artin.am , all the other web pages of the company’s business departments, regional departments also function.
The key principles of the Internet strategy of “Artin Enterprise” are the availability, the urgency and accuracy of the information as well as the openness to communicate.   
It is possible to send a statement from the web site which discussion is guaranteed by the specialists of the company in a fixed period.
The corporative web site of the “Artin Enterprise”, www.artin.am, has been created since 1997. It includes thorough information about the company. Analyzing materials about the all segments of the real estate market are also regularly published.       
 www.realtor.am – Internet portal of the real estate

www.appraiser.am - Web site dedicated to the appraisal activity of “Artin Enterprise”