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What is appraisal?

It is better to start at once by explaining “what appraisal means”. To appraise something means to decide the cost of an object.   

There is also a more complicated definition stating at the meantime the essence of realizing the appraisal as well as the limiting conditions.
 Appraisal is the act of defining the object cost by the expert-valuer for specific purposes resulting in a scientifically proved view of the object cost valued for the day of appraisal in a form of amount.   
Different assets can be the objects of appraisal, such as land, buildings, constructions and other objects of real estate, equipment, vouchers, non-active assets (authority rights, etc.), enterprise as a functioning business, etc.
Appraisal includes 2 basic components, those of analytical and accounting. The sensible combination of these two parts allows expressing scientifically proved opinion.   
The professional appraisal in market industry is a necessary tool in making decisions which accompany the activities of sale, mortgage, and insurance, credit processing of estate and in many other cases, however at present most of the customers use appraisal services (both the legal and physical bodies are considered) in case it is required by the legal and normative acts. It is important to note that appraisal is significant when it is integrated in each phase of decision-making process.   
The appraisal of real estate, cars and equipment can be made for the purchase and sale preparation, market cost decision as well as for integration in founding capital. A report can be necessary for the credit-taker about the mortgage cost of the object which is offered as a security. During the negotiations with the insurance company you can need a conclusion regarding the insurance cost of the object in order to accord the amounts of insurance payments.      
The appraisal of business is made by the following purposes:
  • In stock market decision of the cost of the stocks during the stock purchase and sale deal.
  • In case of deciding the cost of the enterprise, complete or part by part purchase and sale deal.
  • Reformation, liquidation, rejoining, dissolving of the enterprise or the separation of the enterprise from the holding assume its market appraisal since it is necessary to decide the purchase and sale cost of the stocks, etc.
  • Working out of the development plan of the enterprise.
  • In the strategic planning process it is important to appraise the future incomes of the firm, its stability degree.
  • Increase of the productivity of the current managing of the enterprise, firm.
Appraisal is mostly not obligatory in the above-mentioned cases, however the sensible owner, salesman, buyer or the person engaged in the reformation of the enterprise, who seeks to calculate maximally the long – term consequences of the deal and to protect his rights, confront inevitably with the stated cases.