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Real Estate Appraisal

Real Estate appraisal is the widespread type of appraisal which includes the property or other rights (for example tenancy right, right to use), the cost decision-making regarding the following objects, such as constructions (both separate and located in production complexes), office, stock and industry constructions, lands, roads, bridges, entrance ways, houses and apartments.

The buyer who has bought the real estate has the property right after its registration and the owner is deprived of it in case of taking away of the estate, refusal, death or elimination of the estate, loss of the property right and in other cases stated by law.
The appraisal of the real estate is necessary in the following cases:
  1. Purchase and sale deal or renting out
  1. Stock distribution of the enterprise and redistribution of the estate stocks
  1. Integration of new stock holders and extra emission of stocks
  1. Insurance of real estate objects
  1. Crediting of real estate mortgage
  1. Registration of real estate objects in the founding capital of the enterprises and organizations
  1. Appraisal of investment projects and productivity and investors’ integration
  1. Liquidation of real estate objects
  1. Statement of verdict and heritage right,  solving of the estate arguments
  1.  In case of other deals, the application of the estate right
  Moreover, in case of appraisal of the real estate, it is necessary to take into account that the real estate market is linked to the social-economic developments of the country and separate regions. It is also influenced considerably by the factors of the political stability.