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long term experience

About Us

Our main principle is to pass the way that no one has dared to undertake seemingly impossible programs and in their realization process to take professional up rises, to overcome boundaries and occupy larger spheres.

- Undertaking of new and seemingly impossible programs and their persistent implementation
- Global approach to issues according to world tendencies and international standards
- Permanent improvement of professional potential
These are the main principles due to which “Artin Enterprise” has achieved great successes during its 13 years activity and provided regular development.
 Real Estate, Appraisal, construction, consulting  
These are the main trends which “Artin Enterprise” has developed and has become a famous company in the region having been a small company engaged in real estate purchase and selling.   
We are one of the first and most famous companies in the RA real estate market, one of the most professional companies. In the sphere of appraisal and consulting, in the region it is considered to be the unique one recognized by the professional international structures and the specialists have the most known appraisal licenses and are registered in several international registries.
Since its foundation in 1995 August up to now “Artin Enterprise” has had a direct participation in the formation of civil and striving to International standards real estate market, in the projects aimed at the development of the country, the investment increase as well as the working out of the legislative standards in the sphere of  real estate.
We are the first in the Republic of Armenia
-  to make appraisals based on international standards, to conduct investment consulting in the comprehensive industry fields
-  to be engaged in major construction projects firstly as an evaluator, secondly as a company preparing and implementing investment projects
-  Having prospered in the spheres of real estate and appraisal the company started to be engaged also in construction and investment consulting  
-  to enlarge the scope of its activity by founding branches outside of the country.    
Our history
“The main principle of our business is to consider the job optimistically even in case of the most unbelievable and complicated projects” – this is the slogan of the founder and director of “Artin Enterprise” Harutyun Antonyan and the guidance for the personnel.
The chronology of the achievements of “Artin”:
1995 – “Artin” real estate agency was founded in the new developing real estate market in Armenia in quite competitive conditions. In the result of consistent and proper work the company was recognized very soon as a reliable and professional realty company.
1998 – The company started to be engaged in appraisal which quicker than was expected became its business card and key of the recognition outside of Armenia.    
2000 – Active participation in the conventions of international appraisal, international education and qualification exams, gaining of excellent results and great experience.
2000 – The company was engaged in the regional projects.
2001 – Almost all the international major companies entering Armenia, banks, audit, consulting and insurance companies began to work with “Artin”,  
2002 – The company became the unique leading appraisal company in the process of foreign investments. The experience of appraising based on international standards and the fame of being a complete reliable partner by the international organizations paved a way out of the boundaries of the country.  
2002An office was founded in Moscow.
2006 - Major appraisal projects were launched in Georgia.  
Professional Potential
The most significant key of our successes is the great professional potential and the kind fame in the region.
The founder of “Artin Enterprise” Harutyun Antonian is a member of the USA CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) institute, has a qualification of licensed specialist. He is the only qualified specialist in the Republic of Armenia in the field of investment appraisal and one of the rare professionals in the region. In 2003 he was granted a license of real estate specialist by CIPS international association (Certified International Property Specialist), a famous “passing card” in the field of American and international appraisal. Harutyun Antonian is also a licensed manager of real estate (CPM - Certified Property Manager), an evaluator of the international appraisal and consulting academy (MAOK) (2001 – 2002, Russian Federation, Moscow). His name is included in the international list of highly qualified specialists “who is who”. At the meantime, he has been a real member of the valuers’ union in the Russian Federation since 2002 (POO), a member of realtors’ national counsel (РГР) in Russia, since 2005 he has been a member of (РОО) non-trade company of valuers authorized by the valuers’ union, since 2003 he is the member of realtors’ national association (NAR).
High professional competence is spreading over also to other specialists. Sergey Shashikian, the head of the appraisal department of the company is the only evaluator in the Caucasus at present who owes certificate of real estate given by the “European Certification Institute” and «SertyNK» in 2005 due to the demands of the “Approved by TEGoVA” European valuers’ association. He is also famous in the field of appraising intellectual property and non-material assets in the region. Since 2002 S. Shashikian has been a real member of the valuers’ union in the Russian Federation.
Considering the demands of international audit companies, we have equaled our work organization to international principles and approaches. The special system of human resource subordination allows our employees to improve their knowledge regularly and to go ahead based on experience and professional achievements. Every year each employee is qualified and increases permanently the level of his knowledge. They have both theoretical and practical education. Thus, the level of improvement of each employee becomes vivid in course of time and accordingly, the degree of his integration increases in the woks of the company.    
The formation of a new realtor’s image
Professional searches and innovations have always accompanied our personnel and have given the best result. “If people are pleased of you, they will return with new works”, this is a golden rule for each of the realtor of the company. The other rules are to be informed maximally and to work with the client in a fair and accurate manner.    
In general, the main principles of the team are as follows:
- Professional and high - quality service to each client
- Maximum effective satisfaction of the client’s demands
- Complete confidentiality of information and the security of the realization of the deals  
The keeping of commercial secrets provides a dynamic growth of the clients’ database, more services and potential for further development.   
The “passing card” of the company: Appraisal 
The “passing card” of the “Artin Enterprise” is first of all the appraisal in Armenia and out of its boundaries. Since 1998 up to now more than 5000 appraisals has been generally made and during that time 25% growth of appraisal has been registered.  
 The name of “Artin Enterprise” is one of the first in the Caucasus to be known as an appraisal company based on international standards. The company has been recognized a winner in the international competitions of appraisals. In 2002 it has been honored the best valuer due to the results of the monitoring of the RA real estate market conducted by the USAID.  
In the development projects of Armenia we have had our contribution by making appraisals of the quite dynamic developing spheres of the economy.  Firstly – participation in three major building programs of Yerevan: North Avenue, Main Avenue construction, per request of the Kafesjian Foundation, the Cascade. Secondly, the appraisal of almost all the potential of the RA mines production.
Implementation spheres: Today we can already state that 80-90% of the appraisal in the spheres of the construction- realization and preparation works of the construction “Artin Enterprise” has made. Due to our balanced, professional, clear and reliable appraisals, proper methodology of appraisal not only the successful beginning of those projects was put forward but also our professional proposals went up to the government. It was possible to launch the first and the most important phase of the implementation of the construction projects, that of estate appraisal, the preparation of the investment packages, the whole mechanism of compensation, realization, cleaning services, habitation, the preparation of the carcass of the buildings. The latter paved a way for the other projects.  
Production: 80-90% appraisal of the mine production RA companies was made by “Artin” (“Armenian Copper Program”, mountain richening factory in Kapan, copper-molybdenum factory in Zangezur, “Baze Metals”, etc.). Due to high-quality appraisal and preparation of the investment packages, in this sphere as well as in separate companies large – scale investment programs were implemented and rapid growth and development were registered.
A number of large and small companies have applied to “Artin” for appraisals based on international standards, preparation of investment packages and business projects such as RA water industry,   “Armenia” international airports, “Nairit”, Electro-machine in Armenia”, “Viasver Techno-Park”, “ … in Vorotani”, etc.). Through the assistance of “Artin”, numerous health, educational-cultural centers have also put forward development and investment projects (“Kafesjian” museum).            
The company, except for the real estate, is also specialized in appraising the equipments, machines, mechanisms, movable estates through the years as well as in the process of large-scale inventory works. Works have been started in those trends of appraisal which are new in Armenia, i.e the appraisal of the objects of the intellectual property, innovations, production samples, “know how” as well as the estates with ecological problems, historic-cultural buildings.
Having known the whole package of the construction activity, the company, except for the appraisal, has also lately been engaged in a number of construction projects: North Avenue, Main Avenue, North radiation, “Armenia” international airport, different construction orders in the capital city and other places by the domestic and foreign investors.  
The order of “Kafesjian foundation” was of great significance for “Artin Enterprise” as a construction company. Not only the process of real estate appraisal and construction preparation in the area of Cascade was successfully conducted but also the construction works. Other macro and micro construction projects came after the Cascade, largest part was realized by foreign investments.    
Construction is realized from basement digging through inner repair and exploitation, building of commercial areas and business centers by international standards. This is the large spectrum of proposals that the company implements successfully by enlarging the spheres of construction works and geography.       
Investments and consulting
The name of “Artin Enterprise” is among the first companies to be known in the Caucasus as a company working due to international standards which is first of all the evaluation of international organizations. Since 2002 up to now the company has been cooperating successfully with the most famous international audit quartet, such as KPMG, Ernst & Young, Deloitte & Touche and PriceWaterHouse Coopers.
Cooperation with famous structures has contributed that companies engaged in foreign investments in different spheres apply to “Artin” more frequently year by year not only for appraisals based on international standards but also for investment consulting.   
Since 2001 having been engaged in investment programs “Artin” works actively with banks and consulting companies (HSBC Bank Armenia, Inter State bank, Armenian development bank, etc.). A special methodology has been worked out for insurance companies which became partners later on (“London-Yerevan”, “the first insurance”, “Ingo Armenia”, “Rasko”, etc.).  

By overcoming up-to-date problems and putting forward new development programs “Artin Enterprise” is also always increasing its professional qualifications and goes parallel to the current demands.