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long term experience

Professional Potential

The most important key of our successes is the great professional potential and the good image in the region.    

Considering the demands of international audit companies, the organization of work in our company has been equaled to the working principles and approaches of the international companies.
The special system of human resource subordination allows our employees to improve their knowledge regularly and to go ahead based on experience and professional achievements. Every year each employee is qualified and increases permanently the level of his knowledge. They have both theoretical and practical education. Thus, the level of improvement of each employee becomes vivid in course of time and accordingly, the degree of his integration increases in the woks of the company.   
Evaluators’ European Certification
TEGoVA, evaluators’ European association, was founded in 1977 due to the unity of the valuers’ European association and the European group of the valuers of the main funds, that of associated members of the central and Eastern Europe of TEGOVOFA. The key problems of this organization are primarily related with the valuers’ certification and different cost decision of main funds.
At present TEGoVA draws the portfolio of insurance companies and the legislations of companies’ property appraisal as well as decides the relativity of the stability of the hypothec banks.  
TEGoVA (second name – European group of valuers’ association) certification has got known widespread after the declaration of valuers’ certification draft approved by the European commission which is based on EN45013 European standard of the personnel attestation (Euro norm) and on “approved by TEGoVA” medal granted to “Hyp Zert” German organization during the valuers’ certification, on the draft of German hypothec banks association. In the result valuers’ Czech palace has been granted a license. Besides Germany and Czech Republic, TEGoVA certification also develops in other European countries.   
Fort the moment “approved by TEGoVA” certificate is recognized as a sign for recognition in the area of Europe. Also, TEGoVA controls permanently the activity of the organs engaged in certification process.
Our certificates